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Links I Love

Check out these beautiful wearable art scarves

My mother always made us Cream of Wheat when we were sick as kids, but what exactly is Cream of Wheat?

Remember when I said Pizza is life?  Here are 9 rules for the best homemade pizza of your life, and also 5 pizza masters answer questions about pizza.  HAIL TO THE PIZZA!

I can’t get enough information about and photos of the California super bloom. I’m just sad I can’t see it in person.

How to read a whole damn book every week (I especially agree with quitting a book that sucks.  Same goes for movies, too.)

This trailer for Sofia Coppola’s new movie looks amazing!

fringe earrings seem to be a thing.

This would be mine if it wasn’t cost prohibitive.

Woke 100 women

Jean skirts are back and I’m loving this one

Preserved lemons:  you either love them, hate them, or don’t have a clue what I’m talking about



Hello. Hey. Hi there (Links I Love)

Jökulárlón Lagoon, Iceland

What are you lovely people up to this weekend?  We are going to a Baltimore Orioles game tonight and hoping to get some water sports in before the weather turns chilly.

Finished reading this.  After reading his blog for a while now, I just downloaded a sample of Mark Manson’s new book and can’t wait to get started on it.

 French artist shows how to confront Islamaphobes in public

I always assumed our son would pursue a career in video game development because he’s whipsmart and it’s his passion, but he has a different view on turning something you love into a vocation.  The consequences of monetizing your bliss.  I get it.

Love these new shoes for fall

Coming to Netflix:  Christopher Guest’s new mockumentary,  “Mascots”.  Looks awesome!

Is it possible to love Drake culture without actually loving Drake’s music?  YES!  First there was Sufjan Stevens version of “Hotline Bling”, then there was Drake on Cake, and Drake-inspired greeting cards, now there’s Namasdrake (too much?)

Going to this at the end of October.  My son is encouraging me to do this.

Love these housewarming party photos and seriously considering making an epic charcuterie table for the Christmas party this year

A new way to wake up


Have a great weekend!



Wrap it Up: Weekly Link List

I love pastaSo many links to share since I missed you last week.  Enjoy!

Jimmy Fallon’s top ten list of reasons why David Letterman is retiring

Read what happens when one of my favorite decorators, Emily Henderson, takes one of those web quizzes to see if she will get herself.  Her analysis of how she should answer each question in order to try to get herself in the end is hilarious!

My daughter dressed as Jane Goodall for a living wax museum in fourth grade.  Here’s an interview with this inspiring lady who just turned 80!

These adorable bags that keep all of your stuff tidy when you pack for a trip

Now that Trader Joe’s isn’t making their chili lime chicken burgers anymore, I’ll be making a bunch of these knock-offs to freeze

I’m so tired

26 lazy girl hairstyling hacks

Feeling stupid?  Here are 15 people who didn’t know the Titanic actually sank!

50 celebrities on what style means to them

I need all of Madewell’s spring line 

I’ve always thought writing an angry letter (and then not sending it) is a great way to deal with feelings

Spring at Styer’s

Tutorial on face contouring

This Pinterest board is a total blast from my past!

Reuse.  Rethink.  Resketch.

I’m done making my kid’s childhood magical.  Excellent read.

Have a great weekend.  It’s going to be a beautiful one!


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