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Another selfie…for the husband.selfie new coasters from  Mark & Graham.  Ed says “I’m the E in that equation.”  coasters new glasses.  Not sure how I feel about them yet…new glasses my world became a little better since I discovered this exists.3 nuts what breakfast looks like these days:  grain (in this case, farro), chopped veggies, seasonings, lemon juiceIMG_1665 This is what happens when I play around with filtersfiltersreaders, meet the honeysuckle-tini.  Now, stop oggling my drink!
martinialways great photo opps on Main Street


the cocoa martini

We aren’t really cocktail drinkers.  It’s not that we don’t like them, because we do.  We really, really do.

There’s nothing like a cold Margarita in the summertime (on the rocks, with salt).  Ditto for an Absolute Citron and tonic with a twist of lime.

Lacking the space for a fully stocked bar, we always seem to be missing the one ingredient we need for whatever we suddenly have the urge to make.  Beer and wine are so easy.  Just pop the top or cork and you’re good to go-no mixing or measuring required.  Easily transportable libations for tailgating or picnics.

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