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Wrap it up!


Muscle Shoals (Did you just sing “Sweet Home Alabama” in your head?  Me, too!)

What your drink choices say about you 

9 Food lies people are telling you.  Btw, I LIKE truffle oil anyway!

These 17 photobombs are hilarious

I didn’t even know that Restoration Hardware had a kids catalogue, but this blogger has captioned it for us.

Texts from Mittens

If you ever wondered how Axe body spray would smell on a woman, this woman wore it for an entire week and found out

Added these cups to the Amazon wish list

It delicately changes your perspective while you’re in and it is not until you are fully out of it that you look in the mirror and notice a difference.” – on loneliness, by Andrea Lucado

Love this necklace and this ring

11 ways to have a sane relationship with the internet.  #7 would be difficult for me.  I wish my husband would practice #9.

Love at first site

…AND finally, my favorite quote this week came from a post written by Tamara Reese entitled:  Tell a Friend:  You are a Good Mama:  “If we as parents spent less time being critical and defensive and more time lifting each other up, the journey would be a little easier on all of us.”  Amen to that!


Have a great weekend!




fall is pretty much here

I’m going to try a new weekly feature that a LOAD of bloggers do…a weekly link list.  Since I’m constantly trolling the internet, I thought I’d share some of my weekly favorite links with you in the hopes that you, too, will find them interesting/funny/inspiring/informational.

Here’s what I found this week:

Breastmilk versus everything

If I had a party to go to (which I don’t), I’d wear this

I wonder what a health inspector would find if he/she visited my kitchen

striped pasta

I’m over 35, but I might need this prescription!

These cutting boards

17 problems only book lovers would understand

Jimmy Fallon’s parody of “Breaking Bad”.  Sooo funny!

I don’t own a mortar and Pestle, but I’ve been coveting this one for a while

I’ve never considered South Africa as a travel destination until I saw the photos from this blogger

Finding a place for a bear head in your house

I hope this is real!

Bread stencils

Seems like a great way to size a button down shirt

Caring for wooden cutting boards


Have a great weekend!




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