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Wrap it up!

beer(photo by Jon Acuff)

Jimmy Fallon reads Tweets with the hashtag #myweirdrelative.  The one about the maple syrup reminds me of an old friend!

There is no shortage of “Elf”movie references in our family around Christmas time

I can’t even tell you how tired I am of “What Does the Fox Say” (I promise this link doesn’t lead to that!)

How to feed your family from a food bank

20 hilariously misspelled names at Starbucks

Adore this necklace from Need Supply Co.

Everything in this Etsy shop, but especially this planter

15 things you might not know about “The Colbert Report”.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when this show goes off the air!

Celebrating Ziggy’s birthday-he turned one!  Have a great weekend!


Wrap it up!

sideling hill16 Funny water slide GIFs to get you through the winter

These thoughts on how to say goodbye at a party are spot on

This “Mick-off” between Simon Baker and Jimmy Fallon is hilarious!

Meant to include this photo in last week’s link wrap up because we finally finished watching “Breaking Bad”

This 104-year-old man has dinner out every night in NYC.  I wish I could have dinner with him!

If I celebrated Thanksgiving, I’d have to have this

Dum Dums mystery flavor:  finally revealed!

Toronto’s seasons 

Went to Bryan Voltaggio’s Family Meal restaurant last Friday.  Amazing!

My husband’s guilty pleasure?  Watching “The Voice” (I’m pretty sure none of his friends read my blog, so I’m safe!).  This performance was hauntingly beautiful and it’s been on repeat on my iPod ever since.  I think Adam Levine’s face says it all during the video.  It’s mesmerizing.

Stay warm & have a great weekend!


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