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Links I Love


I stand with Anthony Bourdain!

What happens to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavors when they die

“We need an adult in the White House”

“I hurt with her”, she said and I took note.

…on the same topic:  Raising race-conscious children

Love her style

What she says

A Beautiful, flowy dress

Are you taking the false first step?

Mug courtesy of McSweeney’s  (not really a courtesy, because I forked over $$ for it).  If you click through, spend a little time there…smart, funny essays and such


Links I Love

Georgia O'Keefe

 I have already settled it for myself so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free-Georgia O’Keeffe

The subtle art of not giving a f**k

Bone broth is the new coffee

This young photographer.  Whoa.

Literally no one is an insider (also, you really need to follow Orlando on Instagram!)

Drinking my way through this list of the 15 best beers to drink this winter

I’ve been living on soup this winter.  This idea for a soup swap (think holiday cookie swap, only warmer) sounds amazing!

We could all stand to be a little more polite

I get a lot of compliments on my magnetic knife rack, but I love this wooden one

Fashiondads on Instagram makes me laugh so hard

…speaking of laughing so hard, Ayn Rand reviews children’s movies made my son and I ROFL

How to properly frost a cake #lifeskillz


12 most awesome wildlife crossings in the world

10 superfoods to add to your diet

Closet cleaning 101

I’m coveting these hand crafted chopsticks so hard

(photo credit)


Wrap it up: Weekly Link List



What postpartum moms really need

Clever product packaging

I really enjoy documentaries and I haven’t seen a single one on this list (can’t wait to watch them!):  12 mind-blowing documentaries to watch on Netflix

I’ve been a fan of the web site Lists of Note, a web site containing curated interesting lists (sometimes written by historical figures or celebrities) and have recently discovered Letters of Note.  Letters I’ve particularly enjoyed:  A letter written by an emancipated slave to his former master, a reply written by David Bowie in 1967 in response to his first fan letter from an American, and a letter written by Kurt Vonnegut

Love these colorful and whimsical items by the wildly talented artist Kendra Dandy of Bouffants & Broken Hearts

Heart-warming video of two women in their 70’s who fly for the first time in their lives!

…also, beautiful portraits of 100+-year-olds

Click on over and read this wonderful piece by Alicia on her blog, Beautiful Undefined, called “The Mirror That Never Lies To You”.  Here is an excerpt:

“My eyes will lie to me every time. My eyes can only see the physical, and beautiful doesn’t come from the physical. Beautiful is an essence that is felt, an essence that is lived and breathed. Everything around us tells us that beautiful is what you see. But that’s not true: beautiful is a presence. It’s a belief.”

Check out these artistic bus stops in a small town in Austria

You can turn your stairs into an awesome slide!

I’ll be making this

Love the typography and the message on this print

I know I’ve gushed a bit about the book and the upcoming movie, but I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack from “The Fault in Our Stars”!

I completely agree with this clothes shopping guide, especially the “70/30 rule”.

Made me laugh

…and so did this!

DIY ribbon wrapped chain necklace

Finally,  Have you heard the term “normcore”?  Well, I hadn’t either until I read this well-articulated blog post about what it is, complete with click-through links to help explain.  If you’re into what drives our fashion and cultural choices (mid-century furniture, anyone?), it’s a thought-provoking read.  Here is a small excerpt to whet your appetite:

” Today we have young urban men dressing like 20th century factory workers and chanting an American-made (Heritage™®!!!) mantra like a bunch of Reagan-era Republicans. It’s framed as an homage, but is condescending and classist (and probably hetero-normative and racist). Much of this desire to “live intentionally” seems to be code for “I want to live like it is oldey-timey days”.

And after you read about normcore, head on over to this Tumblr, Fuckyournoguchicoffeetable, which pokes fun at the wall antler, succulents, and book stacks of current


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