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Slow roasted tomatoes and my take on Martha Stewart’s all-in-one-pot pasta dish

Maybe you’ve seen it around the internet…a one-pot pasta dish that first appeared in Martha Stewart’s Living a couple month’s back and seems to have gone somewhat viral.

It’s definitely been on my list to make since I first saw it, but I’ve been waiting for a few vegetables to come into season and wanted to brain-tweak it before actually setting out to make it.  How could it not be appealing?  Throw everything into one pot, including the pasta, and let it simmer until the liquid evaporates and all the flavors have melded together.  If this works, I reasoned, I’m fixing this on vacation. Continue Reading →


Bite-size Caprese skewers (also, it’s been quiet over here)

IMG_3692-EditFrom time to time, I think about the fact that technology is evolving almost at the speed of light.  As soon as something new comes out and is purchased, a newer, faster, and prettier one is right behind it.

Even more often than that, I think about how so many people, as they age, have given up on technology.  They don’t bother to learn or invest in it anymore.  They’ve thrown their hands up in the air and declared “I’m done”.  Technology has, for the most part, passed them by.  Many of my own peers, who own iPhones and iPads, don’t really have a handle on how they work or interact within a network or system (cue my husband’s eyes rolling at the mention of Apple’s Cloud).

Recently, I was at a work seminar sitting next to a coworker who is about 10 years my senior.  Her phone rang-a brand new Samsung Galaxy.  She became flustered and said she didn’t know how it worked or how to answer it.  She accidentally cut the call off.  She said she had told her husband she wanted a phone that would take pictures, but that it was too “newfangled” for her to figure it out. I simultaneously felt amused, and then…dare I say it?  yeah…Pity.

Then I wondered, when is this going to happen to me?  When am I going to become so frustrated and overwhelmed at the speed of development that I simply don’t want to learn anymore?  When will I decide I can’t be bothered to keep on keeping up?

It’s been quiet here at Fiercely Fresh because I’ve moved from WordPress to self-hosting and it’s been frustrating, to say the least.  I want to do more creatively with the style of the blog, but can’t do it within the constrains of WordPress.com. I’m pretty proud that I have managed to set up hosting, install WordPress and (this was a biggie) migrate all of my blog content to my new server.  It took me a day and a half of emailing tech support and watching tutorials, but I did it (and saved myself $129 that WordPress wanted to charge me to do it!).  I like to think that in this case of Me vs. technology, I kicked some megabutt.

So while I’ve crossed this hurdle of getting the site moved, I’m still trying to figure out the design without knowing a lick of computer code. So be patient…better things are coming.

We’ve been in the midst of a heatwave this past week, so sitting in front of the computer screen figuring things out has been an acceptable way to pass time.  These days when the temperature peaks at 100 degrees don’t lend themselves to turning on the stove to cook.  A little cold finger food feels just right.  I made a snack-as-a-meal described to me by a friend…an appetizer served to her at a party.  I’ve been crazy about Sungold cherry tomatoes this year and they were perfect in these bite-sized Caprese salads.  Each toothpick or appetizer skewer =one cherry tomato + a small piece of fresh mozzarella + a basil leaf.  Drizzle a little balsamic vinegar or olive oil over the skewers.  Bite-sized perfection!





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