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Links I Love


Galaxy donuts have won the internet!  Check them out here

Can’t wait to watch this

Listening to this

13 Going on 30 is heading to Broadway!

Always and forever

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for the election to be over.  Laughing about it is all we can do at this point.  Also, THIS!

Can someone please invent a buddy bench for adults?

My scientific mind isn’t sure about this approach to staying well this winter, but what have we got to lose?

Everyday bravery deserves to be recognized

Bless you, Annie Leibovitz

I initially became a forensic nurse because I’m absolutely fascinated by true crime.  I’m a little late to the game, but I have been binge-listening to this podcast like a crazy murderino.  It’s number two this week on itunes comedy podcast chart (previously it’s been number one)!

Have a Lovely Weekend!


Links I Love


I stand with Anthony Bourdain!

What happens to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavors when they die

“We need an adult in the White House”

“I hurt with her”, she said and I took note.

…on the same topic:  Raising race-conscious children

Love her style

What she says

A Beautiful, flowy dress

Are you taking the false first step?

Mug courtesy of McSweeney’s  (not really a courtesy, because I forked over $$ for it).  If you click through, spend a little time there…smart, funny essays and such


Hello. Hey. Hi there (Links I Love)

Jökulárlón Lagoon, Iceland

What are you lovely people up to this weekend?  We are going to a Baltimore Orioles game tonight and hoping to get some water sports in before the weather turns chilly.

Finished reading this.  After reading his blog for a while now, I just downloaded a sample of Mark Manson’s new book and can’t wait to get started on it.

 French artist shows how to confront Islamaphobes in public

I always assumed our son would pursue a career in video game development because he’s whipsmart and it’s his passion, but he has a different view on turning something you love into a vocation.  The consequences of monetizing your bliss.  I get it.

Love these new shoes for fall

Coming to Netflix:  Christopher Guest’s new mockumentary,  “Mascots”.  Looks awesome!

Is it possible to love Drake culture without actually loving Drake’s music?  YES!  First there was Sufjan Stevens version of “Hotline Bling”, then there was Drake on Cake, and Drake-inspired greeting cards, now there’s Namasdrake (too much?)

Going to this at the end of October.  My son is encouraging me to do this.

Love these housewarming party photos and seriously considering making an epic charcuterie table for the Christmas party this year

A new way to wake up


Have a great weekend!



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