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This past week was a wash.

I was down with the worst sinus infection I’ve ever had (and I haven’t even really had many).  A week later and five days of antibiotics and steroids, two visits to urgent care, and one visit to an ENT and I can finally say I’m starting to feel somewhat human again (thanks, in no small part, to the occasional pain killer).  The added stress of being too ill to prepare to leave for vacation this week (and praying I’d feel well enough to fly) turned me into a intermittent, crumbling pile of tears. Continue Reading →


Lately: My Week in photos, Week 4

My daughter had a photograph exhibited in a local art centerJuliaThe sign for the exhibition

Snapped this at the local library.  Some knitters are thieves.
knitters are thieves

My husband was away overnight and when I came upstairs, Ziggy was waiting for me.
Ziggy in bed

Made these cheesecake bars for the Super Bowl and they were a huge hit (recipe by Bakers Royale)
dessert bar

Can’t stop playing with the new app, Waterlogue
Painted in Waterlogue

We haven’t been eating many bananas lately, which allowed me to make this (with chocolate chips added)
maple olive oil banana bread

I participated in a countrywide blogger holiday gift swap this past December.  We were supposed to include gifts that were locally made or native to our city.  I received this t-shirt from a blogger in Colorado and decided to wear it to a Super Bowl party (even though I was actually cheering for the Seahawks).



Lately: My week in photos, week 3

The chandelier at Facci. chandelier Dog-shaped cornernap spot Wasn’t sure what this was about, but I thought it was interesting/cute/oddI ride inside Oh, CanadaOh, Canada We asked the waitress if we could watch the hockey game.  She handed us the remote and said “Here, I’m giving you the control”.  Whoa.Taphouse Started morning light therapy this weekDay Light Aaaaaaannnndddd, it snowed.  Again.Snow Made preserved lemon for the first timePreserved lemonNapping buddies
Ziggy sleeping

I adopted an olive tree last spring and this week I received these beautiful cans of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil!  I loved getting the updates throughout the year about the weather, harvest, etc.



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