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Check out these beautiful wearable art scarves

My mother always made us Cream of Wheat when we were sick as kids, but what exactly is Cream of Wheat?

Remember when I said Pizza is life?  Here are 9 rules for the best homemade pizza of your life, and also 5 pizza masters answer questions about pizza.  HAIL TO THE PIZZA!

I can’t get enough information about and photos of the California super bloom. I’m just sad I can’t see it in person.

How to read a whole damn book every week (I especially agree with quitting a book that sucks.  Same goes for movies, too.)

This trailer for Sofia Coppola’s new movie looks amazing!

fringe earrings seem to be a thing.

This would be mine if it wasn’t cost prohibitive.

Woke 100 women

Jean skirts are back and I’m loving this one

Preserved lemons:  you either love them, hate them, or don’t have a clue what I’m talking about


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