Wrap it Up: Weekly Link List

Lake Elkhorn

Listening to this lately

Until the sun comes back 

How to live like a m**********r

…also, words from this beautiful piece:

    “I do not want to live a life of reserves; with unused energy or talents or moments that would have been best offered to others. I want to live a life emptied and spilled, as if I used my body as a vessel for service and grace and great, great love.”

Photographer mom turns 9-year-old daughter into iconic characters

I shared this on my personal Facebook page earlier this week, but I’d like to share it again here.  The part about loneliness resonates.

17 things you need to know about people who like to be alone

A true master chef:  Jacques Pépin

New trend in home design:  crushed velvet

Viral on the internet this week:  10 hours of a woman filmed walking around NYC

“blog” of unnecessary quotation marks

On the fire line:  enthralling photos from a U.S. Forest Service wildland firefighter

My son flipped when he saw this.  We are living in the future!

Definitely putting one or two of the new chunky sweaters from Everlane on my wish list

Have a great weekend!



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