A Taste of the Whole Foods Thanksgiving Holiday Menu

I admit that I am a newbie to Whole Foods.  For a long time, the nearest store to me was in downtown Baltimore and even though I make frequent trips into the city, it just wasn’t super convenient when there are a plethora of grocery stores in the suburbs where I live.  Whole Food’s reputation of being “America’s healthiest grocery store”, however, was one that I was very familiar with.  I had seen documentaries about Whole Food’s business practices and their philosophy of partnering with local and sustainable suppliers.

Whole Foods makes grocery shopping easy for discerning (sometimes overly crunchy) shoppers like me because they take pride in being thoroughly transparent about the source of everything they sell.  Visit their “About Our Products” page, and you’ll get all the information  you could ever want to know about their suppliers and quality standards.  When you finish reading a story about any of their numerous suppliers, you’ll feel like you know them personally.

Do you want to know about food safety?  Whole Foods knows.

Wondering about their position on GMO’s?  They spell it out for you. 

So when I learned that a new Whole Foods store would be opening a mere five miles from me this past summer, I was pretty excited to check them out.  The new store, located in Columbia, Maryland,  recently held an event for local bloggers to taste their Thanksgiving holiday menu and I was lucky enough to be invited.

( All photos were taken with my phone, so I apologize for quality.  I wasn’t sure of the lighting situation at the event, so I didn’t lug my DSLR along)


About 15-20 local bloggers (and their guests) got to sample Whole Food’s holiday menu offerings while we listened to in-store chef Patrick discuss and answer questions about each dish.  It was pretty impressive to hear about his visit to the local farm to check out the living conditions of the turkey we were enjoying.


The best thing about this holiday menu (besides being delicious!) is the versatility.  Even if you like to cook like I do, you probably don’t want to be spending all of your holiday in the kitchen.  Whole Foods gives you the option of buying your turkey fully cooked or you can cook it yourself, and all of the sides can simply be reheated before you’re ready to serve them.  From appetizer platters to dessert*, Whole Foods has it covered.  If you’re vegetarian, Whole Foods has you covered too.  You can pick and choose what you want (or opt for a full dinner for 4 people), order it all online in the comfort of your pajamas, and pick it up at your convenience (I recommend getting dressed for this part, though).


In case you were wondering (I was)…they will be offering an upcoming Christmas holiday menu for pre-order as well.

*healthy doesn’t mean skipping dessert!  We were served a pumpkin pumpkin pie, which is a pumpkin pie with a layer of pumpkin mousse on top.  It was aaahh-mazing!

Oh yeah, swag happened…presented in this adorable bag (a collaboration between Whole Foods and Etsy)!



Disclaimer:   All opinions expressed here are my own.  With the exception of luscious food, I was not compensated in any way for this post.








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