Wrap it Up: Weekly Link Love

SavannahChoosing your own style

Stop apologizing for wanting and eating food…Eating:  A Manifesto

Don’t worry

MIT is hosting a breastpump hackathon

These crochet pieces are adorable!

How to store your produce to make it last longer

Added this to the Amazon Wishlist.  Love the colors!

The skills we’ve lost to technology

Hipster Halloween costumes for kids.  Love these!

Instead of a book club, how about an articles club?

What kids around the world eat for breakfast (uh, no pop tarts here!)

This lovely, cozy kitchen

Buy experiences, not things (I agree!)

29 surreal places in America you need to see before you die

50 states, 50 jobs

Madewell’s new French-influenced line is beautiful

Have a great weekend!



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