Wrap it Up: Weekly Link Love


hydrangeaHappy Friday!  Happy weekend!

I’ve got so many fun links to share with you, but I’ll try not to overwhelm…

Everything started going down in Ferguson, Missouri while we were on vacation.  This is a great piece form a real perspective that mom’s can understand:  A Mother’s White Privilege

Lashblast Fusion, Chubby Stick, and Million Lashes:  proof that beauty product names make zero sense

Can I add a yurt to my Amazon Wishlist?  Also, can I live here?

Here’s what the sun is actually doing to your face

Burpees.  No likey.

This is bananas.  B-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Instead of serving our bodies

Every comment on every recipe blog.  Yes!

10 habits you should pick up from your grandmother

For your viewing pleasure:  Pornburger

These Where the Wild Things Are cakes are amazing!

The authentic weather app tells me it’s “Totally not shitty.” outside today

My son-in-law draws fun lunch bag pictures for my grandkids and I used to pop notes into the kids lunches now and then, so I can totally relate to this article, the lunchbox note on steroids

According to Gene Simmons, the future of rock is dead

Through the years, a few people (I’m thinking of one in particular) have asked us why we never moved “up” to a bigger house (we came REALLY close once), but ultimately we decided against it and I’m SO glad we did.  This article, “Give me gratitude or give me debt” really hit home for me and embodied the reasons why we never took the plunge.  Also, this is exactly how I feel about my coffee maker.

Have a great weekend!

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