Wrap it Up: Weekly Link List


Hey, there!  Trying to keep the list a little shorter this week since it was soooo long last week.  Enjoy!

Put on that swimsuit (hell, yes!)

Elena Shumilova’s stunning photographs on 500px

I admit that sometimes I flex my grammar police muscles (what can I say-adults should know the difference between your and you’re!).  Here are 16 spelling mistakes we all need to stop making

Bloody Ryan Goseling…

bloody Ryan Goseling

How to fold a fitted sheet

Can’t stop listening to this song for the energy and killer guitar or this song for its catchy 80’s New Order dance vibe

This 3,200 year-old sequoia is so massive that it couldn’t be photographed in a single image, until now

Check out these 32 pictures of people showing kindness

What does it take to make a marriage last? These experts figured it out and you might be surprised

Iceland’s incredibly beautiful wild horses

“Tiny”, a documentary about downsizing.

The recently discovered Paris apartment of a rich woman who abandoned it in Word War II, exactly as she left it

Frank Sinatra and Paul McCartney shaving.  NBD.

Photographs of underwater babies learning to swim (I don’t know why, but these made me really squeamish)


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