Healthy Snack Series: Toast


avocado and radish toast

Despite all the press lately about the “toast trend”, it has always been around.  It didn’t just come into it’s own simply because some important people started talking about it.

You don’t need a recipe for toast…which is one of the great things about it.

Another great thing about toast is that it stand in for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner (in a pinch). It’s versatile like that.  You don’t need a recipe for it and you can dress it up anyway you like-sweet or savory.  Start with some well-made, whole grain bread as a foundation (no enriched white bread, please!) and the possibilities are endless.

radish(from Instagram)

Some idea combinations include:

ricotta + tomato + Dukka

nut butter (your choice)+banana + chia seeds

hummus + roasted red peppers + sprouts

avocado + radish (pictured here) + crushed red pepper

avocado + halved cherry tomatoes + feta

peanut butter + Nutella and/or marshmallow fluff (my daughter’s personal favorite)

P.S. – I will NEVER pay for “artisanal toast”.  Ever. 




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