Wrap it Up: Weekly Link List

Lynn Dell(Photo credit:  Ari Seth Cohen)

“People are living longer and we’re not going to hide in the bushes.” – Lynn Dell, owner of Off Broadway Boutique

How annoying are you on Instagram?

Jim Gaffigan’s funniest tweets about food

Think you’ve eaten chicken every conceivable way?  Think again

Build your own Boho drop earrings on Baublebar.  Great idea!

The National Geographic Traveler photo contest 2014

A receipt from a donut shop that includes Mitch Hedberg’s “donut receipt” routine

Last week I thought “Why can’t I find a pair of denim shorts that I like?”, then this DIY post came along on how to make your own.

Gary Pepper’s Postcards from Switzerland.  Stunning!

Have you heard of the new movie “Chef” with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey, Jr.?  The food geek can’t wait for this!

Lately, I’ve discovered a few new blogs like this one and this one written by and for women my age

Death of the microwave?  We didn’t have a microwave (which will be forever known as the “science oven” in our house…if you’ve seen the movie “American Hustle”, then you know) for almost a month after it broke.  I barely missed it.

Fooducate:  a web site that uses a grading system to help you make better food choices.

30 movies turning 30 this year.  Prepare to feel old.

This really exists on Wiki-How:  How to stop a wedding: 16 Steps (with pictures).

I couldn’t wear this because of the neckline, but such a pretty dress

Listening to lately:  Covers by Sleeping at Last, I Saved Latin!  A Tribute to Wes Anderson, With Light and With Love by Woods, and The Weatherman by Gregory Alan Isakov (my rainy day/Sunday morning jam)

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


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