Wrap it Up: Weekly Link List

pretty bikes

I went to the Oscars and nobody cared

We don’t consider ourselves “cruise people”, but Mark Bittman gives a different take on cruising

…also, some people live on cruise ships

These brooches in relevant shapes from classic novels made from print pages of the actual novels (are you confused?).  So hard to choose a favorite!

Map of what each state is worst at

How to clean your microwave

Inside a woman’s mind at Target.  So true!

Can’t wait to make these nuts

Amy Poehler’s Old Navy outtakes

This made me think

Go O’s!  

An interview with Peter Lanza, father of the Sandy Hook killer

Alright, alright, alright

Brewmore Baltimore:  a documentary about the history of brewing in Baltimore (must see!)

New favorite color for spring

Calling for more snow next week (sigh)…also, there may be a post about my upcoming milestone birthday. Have a great weekend!



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