Wrap it Up: Weekly Link List

If you are living in the past


The National Day of Unplugging starts this evening at sundown.  Will you participate?

This is what American-themed parties look like around the world (pretty interesting)

Love this necklace (but not the price tag)

I want to live here…in this home…with all of your pretty things

How to explain what Twitter is like to someone who doesn’t tweet.  This made me laugh out loud!

Also laughing out loud at:  Telegrams from Downton

10 reasons we should all be eating more hummus

Love this DIY Ikea hack headboard, and I know just this person who could execute this!

Always order the larger pizza.  It’s just good math.

Love the look of this web site and, of course, everything they sell

Because arrows

This album and this one have been on constant repeat this week

Amazing paper dresses

This 4-year-old makes AMAZING paper dresses with her mom!

Have a great weekend!



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