Lately: Week 2

Poker night means girl’s night out!  Wine and pasta at Birroteca (photo taken by my friend)

wine at BirrotecaEarly morning cuddles…or was it night?  I don’t remember 🙂
IMG_0033Morning coffee and blog reading.  Didn’t think I would use my new iPad Air as much as I have.  Love it!
IMG_2204I was drawn to this tray with fox handles on clearance at Target, but I realized A).  The last thing I need is another tray, and B).  I would think of that song every time I saw it.  Ugh!
IMG_2207 Cool statue in the lobby of an office buildingIMG_2211 This guy turned 14.  It’s so cliché, but where did those years go?!

IMG_4681 And this young lady (Ed’s grandmother) turned 90!IMG_4691

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