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7 most common mistakes when making french toast

Surviving Whole Foods (this is hilarious! …and they’re building one near me and I’m super excited!)

Childbirth is an extreme sport

18 food mash-ups that will blow your mind.  #6. reminds of the phase my kids went through (thanks to iCarly) when all the wanted was spaghetti tacos!

I’m in the market for a moto jacket…maybe this one?

If you have an iPhone, have you updated to iOS 7 yet?  I have to say that I like it a lot.  Here are some hidden features you may not know about.

It’s kind of scary how calculating marketing is.  Here are 21 ways supermarkets control your mind.

Another hilarious Jimmy Fallon/Justin Tmberlake video:  Evolution of end zone dancing

If I were a necklace, I’d be this one.

I want to go there:  Banff National Park

My daughter wrote a blog post this week about grocery budgeting and food shopping for her family of 4.

Have a great weekend!


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