A back to school cocktail

You don’t celebrate back to school with cocktails?


Let me start by saying this is more of an I’m-in-denial-summer-is-ending, un-celebratory cocktail.  When the kids were younger, I reached a point in the summer when I couldn’t wait for the break to end.  As much as I knew in my heart of hearts this meant that winter was coming (said in my best “Game of Thrones” mystery accent), I would grow tired of the seemingly endless meal preparation and clean up, weeknight sleepovers, and the house just generally never feeling completely clean because someone was always home.  My gym didn’t have daycare, so I blew it off.  They needed to get back on a schedule, and so did I.

Fast forward to summers with teenagers.  I like to sleep in a little.  They like to sleep in…A LOT.  They like to eat, and they can fix most things themselves.  If they can’t, they usually can’t be bothered with it.  And if I have errands to run?  They can stay home alone!  Not to mention when older kids go back to school there are more complex things to worry about than when they were younger.  Things like when is the first deadline to register for the SAT’s, how much is homecoming going to set me back this year,  and am I going to have to hire a tutor for Algebra 2 like I did for Algebra 1?  Because I can’t help them with that.  I don’t remember any Algebra.  Do you remember any Algebra?

So whether you are celebrating back to school or mourning summer being over,


Blackberry muddle


Easy Blackberry Muddle

*OK…something like this probably exists in the bartending world, but I swear I made this without consulting any book or the interwebs and therefore I claim it!

approximately 1/4 cup blackberries

juice of half a lime

1/2 shot of simple syrup

I make my simple syrup with equal parts raw honey and water.  Heat it on the stove in a small saucepan just until dissolved.  Remove from heat and cool.  Store in refrigerator.  You can also make simple syrup with granulated sugar.

1 shot white tequila (I used this, which apparently was created by rock and roller Sammy Hagar.  Who knew?)

club soda

more berries and mint leaves for garnish

one spoon

Put blackberries in the bottom of a glass.  Add simple syrup.  Smash the berries around in the juice.  This is called muddling.  I used the back of a fork since I don’t have a proper muddling tool, but that’s about to change thanks to this Etsy shop.  Add lime juice and tequila.  Finish with club soda, about 8 ounces or so.  Give it a stir.  Add ice and garnish.

What’s the spoon for?  Eating those tequila-infused berries at the bottom of the glass!

drinking the muddle muddle 2

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