I may have a slight obsession with vanity plates.
Lawman I’m not usually a tea drinker, but this day it seemed right.Tea Can’t wait to install these on the grill.  Cooks who say they don’t like/need fancy gadgets are lying!grilllitWas going to save this for the beach, but already started it.  Has anyone read it?
book Chesapeake Bay BridgeBay BridgeThe first of probably a hundred tomato sandwiches that will be consumed this summer.
tomato sandwiche Figs, pistachios, lavender honey and goat cheese.  You know…just an appetizer.akinator I am addicted to the app, akinator!IMG_1610 Missed this guy for the past two weeksZigsA quiet celebration
birthdayAt 48, my brother became a first-time dad!  Brooke

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