Breaking down a fresh pineapple…

…to make pineapple banana smoothies, as requestedsmoothie

Saw Maroon 5 (for reasons), but apparently I wasn’t invited to the DIY fan t-shirt making partyteenage girls

I envy Ziggy’s ability to sleep with reckless abandon
sleeping Ziggy

Didn’t actually make it to opening day, but I was there in spirit and clothing
how 'bout dem O's

Spring has sprung, people! (I hate it when people post screen shots of the weather, but this seemed somehow worthy)weather

Warm weather musicBeach House

Trying to live by this motto latelyLostDog_04_mini

About to bloomtree

More spring!  These are next to my front door, so I get a whiff coming and going

Tapas at LaTasca in ChinatownLaTasca

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